Direct Party and Representative Voting (DPR)

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Direct Party and Representative Voting (DPR) - Links

A voting system to replace 'First Past the Post'

Useful links related to electoral system reform
Useful and related Links
LSE simple guide to UK voting systems  
Review of Voting Systems
Review of Voting Systems: the experience of new voting systems in the United Kingdom since 1997. Ministry of Justice 2008
UK Electoral systems House of Commons Library briefing paper
Cabinet Office: Pre Referendum voting paper First Past the Post and Alternative Vote explained
House of Commons  
House of Lords  
National Assembly for Wales  
The Scottish Parliament  
Voting counts  
All Party Parliamentary Group on Electoral Reform Group Website down - appears committee is hibernating
The Constitution Unit Founded to do detailed research and planning on constitutional reform in the UK.
Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform  
The Conservatives Action for Electoral Reform  
Liberal Democrats Electoral Reform  
The Jenkins Report on electoral reform  
The Electoral Commission
The Electoral Reform Society Campaigning for STV, Information about electoral systems
The Democratic Society An independent organisation for greater public participation, more open democratic conversation, and reformed, inclusive politics.
The Democratic Audit In favour of PR, but not committed to one system
Unlock Democracy (incorporating Charter 88) A grassroots movement campaigning for democracy, rights and freedoms.
The Guardian (on Proportional Representation) Contact your MP or a member of the House of Lords
Nationmaster Electoral systems in use around the world
Institute for Public Policy Research

Devising an Electoral System for the 21 st Century: The case for AMS

UK General Election results since 1945 a summary of British general election results since 1945, and gives the seats and percentage votes and much more
Proportional Representation Videos  
Proportional Representation (video made in Canada)  
Mixed Member Proportional Representation (MMP)  
'Introduction to PR' (Counting the vote after an election using STV)  
Other electoral systems  
PFPTP PR by FPTP and weighted votes
PR Squared An alternative PR system
The Relay System An alternative weighted PR system
The Seven Cent solution An alternative PR system from Canada
Range Voting Voters would give the candidates scores.

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